Comparison of BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG formats


BMP stands for Bitmap file .The bitmap files are the basic image saving formats used from the time of invention of computers. It is saved as .bmp format.


  • Bitmap files support all versions of Windows.
  • Most suitable for icons and small images.
  • Medium quality images are produced.


  • It has the largest file size compared to other formats.
  • We tend to lose the quality of the picture obtained.



JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is saved as .jpg or .jpeg format. It mainly got its hold with invention of digital cameras.


  • It produces high quality, high resolution and it is second largest image format compared to other formats listed here.
  • It is the most common image type used for photos.
  • Some of the cameras download photos in JPEG format.
  • We tend to get a quality image as it is with no loss in quality.


  • Not good for images with sharp edges as they get blurred.



It is abbreviated as  Graphics Interchange Format. It is saved as .gif format.


  • It is best used for web pages with fast uploading speed only.
  • It is the smallest compared to other formats listed here.
  • It is best suited in making text, screenshots, cartoons and animations which save the file in GIF format.
  • Also it can be used in making logo of your webpage.


  • It has limited color codes up to 256 or less.



         It stands for Portable Network Graphics. It is saved as .png format.


  • It can also be used for website logo and screenshots.
  • Can be used in any operating systems such as Windows Vista, MAC.
  • High quality resolution images can be produced.
  • It is most useful for sharp transition images and texts and for images which require frequent editing.
  • It is loss less in nature. (i.e. no loss of quality in picture.)


It is the third largest formats of the other formats listed here.




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